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Dog Accessories

Dog ownership carries with it the burden of a number of other
purchases. In order to properly care for a dog and to comply
with certain local laws, the owner must have a number of dog
accessories such as bed dog in his or her arsenal. Some of these items are
necessary, others are merely conveniences. It is important to
know exactly what you’ll need to properly care for your dog.

The Essentials

Most of the truly necessary items for dog care are fairly
obvious. If you’ve got a dog you’ll need bowls for the dog’s
food and water. Mid size to large dogs have a habit of moving
their food bowls around the room as they eat. This can make a
lot of noise and have the frustrating result of requiring the
owner to hunt around for the bowl at feeding time. The problem
can be solved by using a heavy ceramic bowl that is difficult
for the dog to move around. A sturdy plastic bowl with a rubber
lining on the bottom can be useful as well. The rubber on the
bottom prevents the bowl from sliding around as Rover enjoys
his meal.

For taking the dog on walks you’ll need a leash and a collar.
These can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, but of
course you’ll want to take the size and strength of your dog
into account when selecting them. The collar can (and should)
be adorned with a license tag or at least an ID tag that
provides your name and contact information in case your dog is

If you live in a big city like New York (Manhattan), Chicago,
or other urban area, you’ll need to purchase that miracle of
modern doggie convenience the “pooper scooper.” Most cities
have laws against owners simply allowing their dogs to “foul
the footpath” or leave little Poodle Bombs all over the city
park. In some cities there is a hefty fine for such crappy
behavior. at home do not forget their bed dog.

Optional Accessories

There are literally thousands of optional items available for
people to purchase for use with their dogs. Some of these
items, like the gravity refillable water dishes and food bowls,
serve a very useful purpose, others such as bed dog, – the dog bandana comes to
mind – serve no real purpose and are merely decorative or just
plain silly.

One item that some owners do find very useful, especially those
that live in a hot climate, are “dog booties.” While they may
seem like a simply precocious and relatively useless item, they
do a good job of protecting the sensitive pads of a dog’s feet
from rough terrain, rocky areas, and hot pavement. Those in
cooler climates may not understand, but in some places,
particularly the desert environments of cities like Phoenix,
Las Vegas, and Albuquerque, the summer pavement can literally
become hot enough to fry an egg. You wouldn’t walk barefoot on
such a surface and neither should your dog.

Author: Kirsten Hawkins.

Toilet Training for Dogs - Tips from Animal Behaviorists

Generally, dogs are very clean animals - they won't soil close
to where they eat, or where they sleep. But living in a house is
unnatural for an animal whose instincts would be to roam
wherever she wants to go, so you will have to help her learn
where and when she can relieve herself.

It is essential that you form good toilet habits for your dog as
early on as possible. Trying to break the habit of a dog is
quite difficult and it can be very frustrating. You need to use
guidance and encouragement to help the pet. Animal behaviorists
have some helpful tips that you can use to help with the
housebreaking of your pet. Do not forget to check their bed dog.

Believe it or not, dogs are sanitary creatures. If a dog does
soil accidentally in the wrong place, it is likely that it will
be far from his dog dish, at least six to ten feet. This is true
for the place where the dog sleeps as well. But, unless you find
a good place for her to go and train her in that manner, the
rest of your house is okay to them.

The process for housebreaking a dog is the same if he is a puppy
or an adult dog new to your home. You'll need to take him
outside every few hours and also 30 minutes after he eats. Take
your pet to the designated bathroom spot. Stay with the pet
until she goes, and then praise her when she does. If she does
not go, bring her back inside and try again in fifteen minutes.
Watch her though. If the dog starts sniffing and circling take
them out right away as this is a sign that she is about to go.
Pay attention to her signs and take her out. Soon, she will
relate to going outside to going to the bathroom.

Bed dog?

Some dogs are housebroken much faster than others. Some dog's
personality will cause her to go one way or the other. But, if
you take her outside at the right time, it will go smoother. A
puppy of less than four months old will need to go out during
the night. Older puppies can hold it that long. A dog that cries
to be let out has an urgent need. Get up and take her out, she
needs every chance to succeed that she can get. Positive
reinforcement is necessary for success.

How you treat accidents will affect your dog's overall learning
curve. If you catch your dog going in the act, distract her with
a clap or call her name. Take her outside calmly at that time
and praise her for finishing outside. Clean up any accident that
you find on the floor. If the dog approaches during this time,
ignore her. Don't talk to or punish her at this point. The worst
thing that you can do is to yell at her or physically punish
her. This will cause her to fear you and to not bond as well to
you. She won't connect it to the accident at all. Ignoring her
is the best course of action here.
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